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Digital To TV (DTTV) from Pacific Satellite are gateways designed to convert any analogue or digital video source to DVB-T from DVB reception (satellite, terrestrial,cable), or DVB professional equipment, or local audio/video sources.

DVB-T resulting signal can be displayed with DTT Set Top Box or TV sets with integrated DVB-T receivers.


The headend has modular design so this is very easy to customize it accordingly to the specific needs. Everything is contained in a standard 19” rack.

Ease of configuration and maintenance

There is an Ethernet connector on the front panel to allow configuration of the settings more conveniently using a PC application.

Future Proof

More countries are converting to Digital DVB-T system when they target to shutdown analogue TV system. The system we propose is suitable to integrate Digital Broadcast system when TV channels are converted to digital.

High Definition

More satellite channels are moving to High Definition. Our system is capable of aggregating these high quality channels when they become popular down the road.



The quality of output is absolutely great. For Satellite Channels, it is true digital quality all the way to the TV set without any conversion to analogue system.

Which means what you see at the Satellite output is what you get at the TV sets.


That’s because the modules have very good front ends, they demodulate DVB-S, correct the bit errors and remodulate transport stream to DVB-T.


DTTV is a very high quality DVB-T headend of perfect output signal and very big configuration possibility. Our solution will make your TV channels digital with good quality at the TV sets.




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