Skycom Satellite Systems is a member of Pacific Satellite Holdings Group of companies.

Skycom Satellite Systems is recognized as a leader in our industry for knowledge and problem-solving expertise of our Engineering Services. Ranging from free to air to embedded Conditional Access models, Skycom produces highly differentiated STB to suit various market segments from End Users to broadcast operators and worldwide deployed in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

More than 27 years of experience in design, build, operation and maintenance of advanced building and broadband networks in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, and other Asia Pacific cities

Skycom started as a company that builds Satellite TV, SCV, Cable TV,  RF Coaxial Network, Structured Cabling Network, Fibre Optics and IPTV systems.

We have customers that use our Satellite TV connected with TV displays.  As they are very satisfied with our services, they engaged us to add on cable TV/HD STB, and subsequently, further increasing the number of TV displays in their area. Ultimately, they needed a control center to remotely change the content to be shown on display screens instead of manually using remote control to change the channels. This led to our Digital Signage Solutions that were able to fulfill their needs.

As technology advanced and customer expectations grow, we offer our customized digital signage solutions consisting of a network of customized digital displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer, allowing  the change of content remotely to provide the most targeted messaging possible.

Our software partner from Netherlands has 25 years of experience in Digital Signage Software. They have more than 1000 systems deployed in all over the countries. 

For Skycom, existing customers that used our software include, among others, the Singapore Visitor Centre, Singapore Expo, Singapore Science Centre and Singapore Turf Club. We also provide customization for various Digital Signage applications like Ticketing system, Guest List Display with database and more.

Our unique background in both Video Broadcast and Digital Signage differentiates ourselves from the rest of the companies that only focus on offering Digital Signage software. Our long time customers have been with us for more than 10 years, such as Singtel, Mediacorp, Starhub, and Reuters.

We have also established good working relationships with IDA, MDA and HDB.

Skycom also provides installation and maintenance of MATV Headend for private Condominiums, Commercial Building, Hotels and Housing Development Board for 160,000 households. In additional our experienced R&D team is developing and integrating new Customer Premise Devises (CPE), including digital and high definition set top boxes for satellite and terrestrial TV, products in the development roadmap include IPTV STB, integrated STB with HDD, ONU/GPON devices and more.

Skycom Satellite Systems Pte Ltd IPTV is also the most efficient solution on the market for the reception and streaming of IPTV Channels, allowing Operators, Hotels, Corporations, Buildings to distribute advanced IPTV and Digital TV services with maximum quality and reliability.


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