Skycom Satellite Systems is your trusted partner in the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak!

Deploying our thermographic cameras at the entrance of residential and office buildings helps to monitor crowd health condition such as fever detection, complement in breaking the chain of infection and improve public health.

We offer a range of thermal cameras and temperature monitoring systems. Our TEMROBOT standalone system comes with built-in display screen with an operating software.  Real time monitoring with an alarm being triggered in detection of unusual temperature measurement beyond predefined ranges is made possible for preliminary screening.

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  • Rapid Deployment
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring
  • Accurate and Stable Systems 

TEMROBOT Standalone System

Temrobot -thermal imaging temperature measuring robot, with built-in touch
screen display and software, comes in the choice of either desk or standalone

Temrobot designed specially to detect elevated body temperature real-time in a
crowded area. It can be used alone or connected to a Wi-Fi network for real-time monitoring.    An alarm alerts the user when unusual temperature measurement beyond the predefined range is detected.

It is suitable for use in a wide range of settings, including the entrance of schools,office buildings, banks, hotels, places with long queues and crowded public areas.

Temrobot helps to monitor crowd health conditions such as fever detection, playing an essential part in breaking the chain of infection and improving public health.

Key Features:
• Easy installation, plug and play
• 10.1” LCD touch screen
• Comes with audio alarm and colour highlight alarm on the screen
• Rotatable wide-angle camera for high-speed multiple detections
• High performance camera. Accuracy sensitivity of up to 0.1 °C

Tripod Solution Suitable for Crowd  Temperature Screening

Thermographic camera can be installed at the entrace with up to 30 people simultaneouly with mask on. Bullet and dome type thermal camera both have instant alarm for alert. Both options can work with NVR for recording purpose.

Handheld Thermographic type comes with 4.2″ LCD Touch Screen. It can be used for petrolling and screening pasengers inside car. Battery can last up to 5 hours. Temperature screening distance is 1-2 meter. High accuracy up to +-0.5C with abnormal temperature alarm.

Face Recognition Door Access with Temperature Screening 

The FR Terminal can be installed at door or with stand on staff entrance lobby.  It is used as door access control ,facial recognition, temperature screening and attendance recording.  Mask detection alert.  Safe entry QR pop up integration is available with the system software.  Optional integration with Intercom tablets at reception counter for visitors access. Comes with voice and audio intercomm function.  

Our experienced team will ensure a fast deployment while providing real time thermal camera monitoring to improve your staff’s productivity.  Thus, achieving risk reduction with contactless body temperature measurement cameras. 

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

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