Skycom is a member of Pacific Satellite International Group of Companies.

Skycom Satellite Systems is a recognized leader in the industry for the knowledge and problem-solving expertise of our Engineering Services.


PADS stands for Public Area Display System. With PADS 3.1 Professional, you have an absolute freedom to decide where and when you want to display any kind of information. This software bundle of applications is the solution for every environment.

C-Band 5G Interference Solution

Skycom Satellite Systems is a leader in TVRO, VSAT and other Satellite and RF Communication related solutions and systems.                                                                                                                                                           We offer high quality  types of enhanced bandpass, band rejects, lowpass and high pass filters for  C-band operators that require 5G interference mitigation along side with strong technical expertise and excellent customer service.

Established in 1993, Skycom is the principle equipment distributor of Satellite and Cable TV systems in Asia. Skycom delivers a complete and leading range of products and professional services to clients.


With the convergence of data, voice and TV communications, Skycom offers an end to end solution for Next Generation IPTV, High Definition Digital TV, Digital Signage Systems and Infrastructure cabling, catering to every need of today’s businesses, including DTH operators, Cable TV operators and TVRO end users.

At Skycom, our mission is to deliver quality products, advanced engineering services and the latest technologies to our customers. Our emphasis on excellent customer service and superior value of products and services makes Skycom a preferred one-stop solution provider.

Skycom is a member of Pacific Satellite International Group of Companies.

IPTV Solutions

Skycom Satellite Systems Pte Ltd IPTV is the most efficient solution on the market for the reception and streaming of IPTV Channels, allowing Operators, Hotels, Corporations, Buildings to distribute advance IPTV and Digital TV services with maximum quality and reliability.

High Definition Digital TV Solutions

Our HD Digital TV solution is ideal for use in Hotels, Hospitals, Offices and Buildings with Cable TV infrastructure, and in general any coaxial cable distribution system.

Digital Signage Systems

Digital Signage is a dynamic marketing and communication tool that allows hotels and businesses to communicate more effectively with guests and customers when linked through a IPTV network, displaying scheduled and real-time updated multimedia content and information.
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