PDM-1000 Digital Modular Headend


Digital Modular Headend Bank

PDM-1000 is a series of Digital Modular Headend, which could be configured by users to be a variety of combination for different by install different modules. These modules has covered professional MPEG-2 SD IRD with IP I/O, professional H.264 HD IRD with IP I/O, H.264 Encoder/Transcoder, MPEG-2 Encoder, Re-Multiplexer and QAM/COFDM Trans-Modulator in a space saving 4Ux19” chassis with 8 slots, and more and more new modules with different features are coming. By these modules, PDM-1000 could meet almost every kind of requirement in the movements from analog to digital TV broadcasting. Each module could be controlled via a portable programmer independently or by HDMS (network Headend Management System) via LAN.


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