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Skycom Satellite Systems Pte Ltd offers true NEXT Generation IPTV solution that not only fulfills users’ current requirements, but it also provides the opportunity that will allow them to complete and adapt in an ever changing market.

The Future of Television is HERE

IPTV Solution

Skycom Satellite Systems Pte Ltd offers the most efficient IPTV solution in the market for the reception and streaming of Television over LAN, allowing Operations, Hotels, Corporations, and private buildings to distribution advance IPTV and Interactive TV services with Maximum quality and reliability.

TV Operators

At the heart of our solution is the IP Streamers from Pacific Satellite which are gateways designed to broadcast in Multicast on an IP network. We offer a total Digital platform for the provision of Entertainment, Information and Communication services for Operators to deliver a wide range of personalized value added services to the end users.

We offer the following total solution:

  •  Design of IPTV Network based on Gigabit infrastructure
  •  Supply of Fiber Optics and latest Ethernet Network products
  •  RF reception including High Definition Terrestrial and Satellite or Cable
  •  Laying of IP Network Infrastructure, Network setup and configurations
  •  Set up of IPTV Headend
  •  Training, Documentation
  •  First line technical support

End to End IPTV services Delivery answer to all your needs

  • · Hospitality 

Our IPTV technology solution enables Hotels, Hospital and Cruise Ships to carry much more than television. With IPTV, you can easily distribute Terrestrial, Satellite television and radio, videos/DVDs, Digital VOD, Digital Signage, Information Boards and Web Content throughout your facility. All of these multimedia content can be viewed on Standard and High Definition TVs.

  •  Corporate 

Pacific Satellite’s IPTV Headend takes channels from Satellite or Terrestrial TV antenna and makes them available via your Local Area Network. It is the ideal solution that offers the users a simple way to get started with IPTV with highest quality is Digital Television.

  •  Digital Signage Network  

Our Digital Signage solution is a dynamic marketing and communication tool that allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers. Get connected with your audience immediately with attractive and stunning multimedia presentations to obtain maximum visual impact. Target your communication anywhere and everywhere using our efficient Scheduling and Management tool from a central location.

  •  High Definition Digital TV 

Our perfect combination of style and technology transport you to a High Definition Digital TV system with any available coaxial wiring network. Totally customizable, our solution brings high quality Digital TV available to your users using just coaxial cable distribution system


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