Draco Indoor/Outdoor ANT500 Antenna


Another excellent product supplied by the company which brought the best HD Freeview Certified receiver, the DRACO HDTV5500 to NZ market and
replacing the best selling outdoor Draco Aerial ANT-200 with more powerful 28dB gain for optimal reception.

Weatherproof outdoor antenna that blends into any home design.

DRACO ANT-500 is the smallest and the most powerful Outdoor/Indoor aerial, suitable for UHF/VHF and digital terrestrial.

DRACO ANT-500 is a high quality product and very easy to install.

This aerial will certainly replace your old fashioned oversized UHF/VHF aerial and it’s more powerful. Placed outdoors it will pick up HD terrestrial Freeview service in high quality even if faced with slight obstructions.


*Indoor/ Outdoor Application
*Anti-UV Housing
*Wall-mounting kits
*Pole-mounting kits
*Gain: 28 dB
*Noise Figure: less than 3dB
*Stylish Design
* Can be used either Outdoor or Indoor
*2 Powering Methods
1) Via digitral receiver (DC5v 40mA)
2) AC/DC adaptor included


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