Smart Air Purifier :: LIFAair LA352

LIFAair Air Purifier Model: LA502

New generation Air Purifier from Finland, featuring innovative design, smart controllers with digital display, and intelligent operation.

3G filtration with double activated carbon and HEPA filter

  • Independent multi-sensor and display, remote control and monitoring by mobile app.
  • Achieves clean and safe air for your home, school or office.

(Other models providing fresh air exchange also available)



LIFAair Smart Air Purifiers from Finland are the best solution for clean air in your home, school or office.

Realtime Smart Controller

The smart controller is  equipped with a high-precision sensor for particles including PM2.5, Formaldehyde or TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) and carbon dioxide.

Purifies 2X more with Triple Filtration

3G Air purification with optimum efficiency using pre-filtration, activated carbon filtration, and HEPA filter.

Outstanding absorption for formaldehyde and other gaseous substances

Equipped with activated carbon barrels containing premium-anti-acid activated carbon, it ensures absorption of formaldehyde up to 240 cubic meters per hour, the best in the market

Control at your fingertips

Have complete control of the fan speed with touch sensitive control panel. Pair up with Realtime Smart Controller to have remote monitoring and control even when outside.

Superior modern design and low fan noise

Inspired by aircraft turbine movement, vanes are designed to optimise fresh air delivery while maintaining minimal noise levels. Finished with a modern and minimalistic design for convienient location anywhere.

Specifications for LA502

Parameter Unit Amount
Particle CADR m 3 / h 330
Formaldehyde CADR m 3 / h 140
Effective Area m 2 23-42
Power W 4.5 – 60. Standby < 1
PM2.5 removal % % Ø  99.99 (30 minutes)
Weight kg 10
Dimensions mm 250(diameter) x 505 (height)
Smart Controller PM2.5, CO2, Humidity, Temperature, PM10/HCHO/TVOC


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